News | December 17, 2021

Caprock Home Health Expands Use Of Care Heroes' Caregiver Incentive Platform

Texas home health agency sees success with incentive platform and deploys it across new markets

Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) - Care Heroes, a digital health solution provider that automates caregiver incentives and captures real-time care data, announced today that Caprock Home Health Services, the largest family-owned home health provider in Texas, is expanding the use of its caregiver incentive platform to its El Paso market. As a provider of both skilled and personal aide home health services, the team will leverage the Care Heroes' platform to better guide caregiver actions that support the organization’s mission and the success of their Managed Medicaid program.

According to Carlos Morales, Executive Vice President of Caprock Home Health Services, “We have been using the Care Heroes' platform for almost a year now, and we are pleasantly surprised at how fast our caregivers, both skilled home health nurses and personal aides, have embraced the solution. Deploying it to our team in El Paso gives us the ability to directly and positively impact our caregivers' actions that are tied to the success of our Medicaid patients, which in turn is tied to our contract with the state of Texas.”

Healthcare cost containment and beneficiary satisfaction are important quality measures within Managed Medicaid contracts. With Care Heroes, Caprock can more directly incent caregivers to address the unique requirements associated with its Managed Medicaid contract.

Chiara Bell, Founder and CEO of Care Heroes said, “We are starting to see agencies use our incentive platform to motivate all types of caregivers, particularly when it helps align caregiver actions with the quality measures that matter most to their patients and to their evolving reimbursement programs. In this case, Caprock is able to incentivize frontline caregivers who are responsible for managing the care of Medicaid beneficiaries, which can be particularly challenging. We are thrilled to help Caprock extend the use of the platform across its business.”

How it Works
Once deployed at a care provider’s site, the Care Heroes' platform starts rewarding caregivers immediately with Care Coins™ for completing certain tasks. Both the tasks and the rewards are customized based on key performance metrics that are unique to each organization. Caregivers then redeem Care Coins for everyday items such as food and gas.

As the data is collected from caregivers, Care Heroes’ proprietary artificial intelligence and natural language processing identifies critical risk areas within the population. Aggregated key insights and quality metrics are shared with providers, payors, and care managers to provide immediate support to those members at risk of returning to the hospital or skilled nursing facility.

The Care Heroes' platform is currently available for all types of home-based care organizations, including skilled home health care, hospice care, and personal aid service providers as well as care management organizations and health plans.

About Care Heroes
Care Heroes delivers an innovative software solution that better connects all key stakeholders in a patient’s care with a particular emphasis on acknowledging and incentivizing home-based caregivers who often have the most accurate, day-to-day information and influence on a patient’s condition. Leading healthcare providers and health plans use Care Heroes to empower their care management teams to more proactively monitor and address the needs of patients who need assistance, which ultimately helps eliminate gaps in care, reduce costly complications, and improve care team member satisfaction. For more information, healthcare providers should contact Care Heroes at or call (877) 763-3343.

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