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Canopy Expands Real-Time Wearable Safety From Hospitals To Home Health

Leading health systems expand staff safety initiatives by deploying Canopy's real-time support network beyond hospital walls

Palo Alto, CA /PRNewswire/ - Canopy, the leading provider of wearable safety technology for healthcare workers, today announced a major expansion of its platform. The company released Wear-1, a new wearable safety button and Canopy Go, a home health solution that expands safety beyond the walls of the hospital to staff visiting patient homes. With the addition of the new wearable hardware and mobile software, Canopy is further solidifying its commitment to protecting healthcare staff and ultimately enhancing patient care.

New Canopy Button – Wearable safety. Everywhere.
The new Canopy Wear-1 buttons offer unmatched safety and security for healthcare workers when and wherever they need it. Paired with a sleek design and 7-year battery life, these updated wearable devices are fully compatible with existing customer systems and are central to the new Canopy Go home health solution. Canopy buttons, currently protecting over 200,000 healthcare workers across more than 40 health systems – including complex indoor facilities, outdoor areas, parking lots, and multi-story garages, ensure staff are connected and feel supported by their organization. By creating safer environments, healthcare providers empower their staff to focus on delivering the highest quality care.

"We're proud of Canopy's role in protecting healthcare workers with real-time wearable safety," said Shan Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Canopy. "No one should ever feel unsafe at work, especially the healthcare staff we rely on in every community. Forward-thinking providers are creating safer environments for their employees, and our mission is to make it easy for them to do so by continuously enhancing our safety solutions."

Canopy Go – Real-time support for home healthcare staff
Canopy Go is the first real-time support network designed for healthcare staff beyond hospital walls. Home health is one of the most rapidly growing industries in healthcare, expected to expand by 33% over the next five years. To address this volume, Canopy Go ensures staff feel secure wherever they travel to care for patients, including patient homes and external facilities. Workers can now use the new Wear-1 buttons to signal for help if they encounter any safety threats and will be connected directly to Canopy's security console through an updated mobile app. With a simple double click of the button, the staff member's ID and exact GPS location are shared with the security team, enabling timely and effective intervention.

Tech specs and key features:

Canopy Wear-1 Button

  • Lay-flat, super lightweight, 18-gram duress button design
  • Dimensions: 41mm x 50mm x 6mm
  • Unique tactile surface designed for simple activation
  • Antimicrobial coating to help reduce the presence of microorganisms in care
  • Advanced responder mode
  • Alert signature plus security
  • Seamless integration across all Canopy-powered systems

Canopy Go

  • Just double tap your Wear-1 buttons from anywhere
  • Dynamically check into appointments for passive alerting
  • Location tracking through GPS on mobile phone
  • 24/7 professional alert monitoring & dispatch to 911
  • Requires updated Canopy app (iOS & Android)
  • Web application to access alerts and check in locations
  • Detailed reporting of incidents

Outdoor Gateways

  • Fully self-contained for simple deployment
  • No power or network requirements
  • Ruggedized & weather-proof
  • Tamper-detection
  • 5 – 8 year battery (weather dependent)

About Canopy
Canopy helps hospitals ensure that healthcare workers feel safe, appreciated, and empowered every day to deliver the highest quality of patient care. Our flagship product, Canopy Protect, is a wearable safety technology designed to make employees feel connected and able to mobilize colleagues and/or security in seconds in the event of an emerging threat. Since Canopy was founded, our technology has been deployed by over 40 visionary health systems to protect nearly 200,000 workers in the U.S., de-escalate high-stress situations, help hospitals implement Joint Commission standards for Workplace Violence Prevention, and ultimately, offer a safer and better environment for their workers and the public.

Canopy was founded in 2019, developing its solution in a partnership with leading health systems, experienced healthcare executives, and veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors who have served in executive roles at leading technology companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon.

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