News | April 3, 2024

Boston Medical Center Advances Equitable Patient Access With BMC Hospital At Home

Boston Medical Center will deliver premier, personalized hospital care to eligible patients in the comfort of their homes through its new acute care unit

Boston, MA /PRNewswire/ - Boston Medical Center (BMC) today announced its new Hospital at Home service, which will give eligible patients the opportunity to receive high-acuity, hospital-level healthcare from leading providers and recover in the comfort of their own homes with this new remote acute care unit. The clinical offering, called Boston Medical Center Hospital at Home, will improve care access, equity in care options, and convenience for patients.

Research shows that hospital-level care in the home improves access to care, and patients experience shorter recovery times with fewer complications. The BMC Hospital at Home clinical offering is a physician-led, in-home, remote acute care unit that provides around-the-clock patient monitoring, daily physician e-visits, live clinician visits, and on-demand access to a dedicated health team to ensure the highest quality of care. The service will provide comprehensive, in-home, and virtual care for eligible patients who are experiencing common health conditions that require hospitalization – pneumonia, dehydration, and heart failure, among others – supported by trusted clinical experts and convenient, advanced technology.

Once enrolled in the remote acute care unit, patients are equipped with an advanced virtual hospital room kit, including app- and web-based technology to facilitate all medical monitoring, scheduling of in-home visits, and connectivity with providers in real time, providing all the same services patients would receive during a traditional hospital stay and held to the same rigorous standards for quality.

"BMC Hospital at Home is anchored in BMC's commitment to deliver transformative models of care that improve access and equity across the communities we serve," said Alastair Bell, MD, MBA, President & CEO of Boston Medical Center Health System. "Providing hospital-level care in a patient's home allows us to increase patient access to care options, expand hospital capacity and provide high-quality care to more of our community without additional strain on our resources."

BMC developed this clinical offering with 24/7 remote monitoring, multiple visits from clinicians every day, an integrated team available around-the-clock, and sophisticated technology in partnership with Medically Home, a Boston-based technology-enabled high-acuity health services company.

In addition to launching BMC Hospital at Home, BMC has continued to identify areas of opportunity to increase patient capacity and manage inpatient flow to ensure it continues to offer excellent care to all. BMC is working through a multi-year campus transformation project that will add approximately 70 new inpatient beds to the main campus, including 22 state-of-the-art inpatient beds that came online in February.

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Source: Boston Medical Center

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