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Biofourmis Expands Access To Care And Streamlines Workflows With Integrated On-Demand In-Home Services Ecosystem

Nursing, phlebotomy, infusion, durable medical equipment, imaging and other ancillary services easily ordered from curated network of service partners via the Biofourmis platform

Boston, MA /PRNewswire/ - Biofourmis, a leading global technology-enabled care delivery company, announced today the launch of its in-home services solution. The new functionality is the catalyst for an ecosystem of in-home service partners that will improve care delivery in the home by enabling patients to receive needed care sooner while improving efficiencies for clinicians.

From within the Biofourmis platform, providers can now order, schedule, confirm and track a comprehensive range of in-home services and diagnostics such as nursing, phlebotomy, infusion, durable medical equipment, imaging — on-demand. The first-in-market functionality supports Biofourmis Care™ solutions as well as digital clinical trials solution Biofourmis Connect™.

The platform-enabled in-home services ecosystem provides:

  • Integrated workflows for more efficient operations
  • Biofourmis-managed services for less program overhead
  • A la carte models to fit each customer's needs
  • A focus on continuity of care for improved patient experience

"The idea for this innovative in-home services ecosystem came from listening to our healthcare and biopharma clients, who told us they could more easily launch and scale their care-at-home and digital clinical programs if they had on-demand access to in-home services from a curated network of trusted providers," said Maulik Majmudar, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder of Biofourmis. "With flexibility and scalability in mind, our customers can access Biofourmis-vetted service providers, or they can take a hybrid approach in which they onboard some of their own local service providers where they already have existing networks. We will continue to curate and validate our ecosystem based on market need and feedback."

Streamlining Care Across the Continuum
Expanding Biofourmis' solution capabilities to include in-home services delivers providers and biopharma the ability to accelerate standing up and scaling care-at-home and digital clinical trial programs with Biofourmis' connected platform, team, and service relationships.

The new in-home services capabilities can help health systems overcome internal staffing limitations that otherwise could contribute to care delays that impact clinical outcomes. Along with accelerating service delivery, the ability to coordinate in-home services from a central location within the Biofourmis platform can save additional time for providers through greater automation and by simplifying the complexities associated with last mile delivery of care, all of which can contribute to cost savings while increasing care-at-home satisfaction for patients.

This streamlined, transparent process is made possible through Biofourmis' large network of local, regional and national healthcare partnerships, like BrightStar Care® – a national home care brand that provides high-quality medical and non-medical home care and medical staffing that ensures clinicians or technicians are always available to visit patients' homes when needed.

"The care-coordination capabilities of the Biofourmis in-home services solution and platform capability align with our nurse-led care approach of anticipating clients' needs and delivering just the right services at just the right time," said Shelly Sun, founder and CEO of BrightStar Care. "Partnering with Biofourmis allows us to stay ahead of the curve in technology-driven patient care, which is essential to meeting the needs of an aging population. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership will provide for both organizations—and more importantly, those we serve."

Available in-home services may include, depending on customer location:

  • Nursing
  • Paramedicine
  • Home Health Aides
  • Wound Care
  • Social Work
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Durable Medical Equipment Utilization
  • Phlebotomy
  • Infusion
  • Non-Emergent Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Courier Services
  • Technology Support

To order services, whether provided by Biofourmis or via the provider's own network, users can simply select from a menu of available options within the Biofourmis platform. Any scheduled care services information is designed to automatically flow with bi-directional confirmations between the vendor and Biofourmis through a unified user experience across the platform.

Upon completion, the service provider will document all relevant information within the platform, giving providers near real-time visibility of the service provided, eliminating the need to log in to separate portals or manually confirm with the service partner. In-home services are currently available via the Biofourmis platform throughout the country and are fully customizable.

"Since Biofourmis was founded, we have focused on solutions that decrease clinician burden by removing logistical and technological barriers," Majmudar said. "Offering an ecosystem of on-demand in-home services accomplishes both these goals while also supporting key objectives to improve patient outcomes and experience."

About Biofourmis
Biofourmis brings the right care to every person, no matter where they are. The company's AI-driven solution collects and analyzes patient data in real time and identifies shifts that require proactive interventions. This vital innovation provides people everywhere with connected access to hospital-level services, virtual provider networks for remote care, in-home services, and life-changing clinical trials—all without leaving their homes. Trusted by leading health systems, payers, biopharma companies and patients alike, Biofourmis' connected platform improves patient outcomes, prevents hospital readmissions, accelerates drug development, and closes critical gaps in care—ultimately making science smarter, healthcare simpler, and patients healthier. Biofourmis is a global technology company enabling care delivery, with headquarters in Boston and key offices in Singapore and India. For more information, visit and follow Biofourmis on LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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