AutoSet Spirit™ Autotitration Device

Source: ResMed
AutoSet Spirit™ Autotitration Device
AutoSet Spirit™ Autotitration Device
The new AutoSet Spirit™ autotitrating device takes positive airway pressure therapy another giant leap forward. Starting with the same AutoSet algorithm that made the AutoSet T the pinnacle of OSA treatment, ResMed has created the AutoSet Spirit with an optional integrated humidification system, new patient data display, and a smaller, lighter, and more attractive design.


-- AutoSet® technology provides clinically validated autotitration therapy by measuring and responding to the patient's needs on a breath-by-breath basis.
-- Optional HumidAire 2i™ integrated heated humidifier provides a highly effective and highly affordable upgrade path for patients that require heated humidification.
-- HumidAire 2i humidifier has a warm-up feature for patients who want full humidification the moment they start therapy.
-- Data for clinicians, including trends in pressure, leak, AHI, AI, and HI, are available through the LCD interface, so downloading data to AutoScanTM software is not necessary for a snapshot of patient therapy.
-- User-friendly LCD display with an intuitive menu makes accessing data and setting treatment specifications simple.
-- Comprehensive data can be viewed using AutoScan 4.0 software (365 sessions Summary Data and 5 sessions Night Profile data).
-- Smart Data™ has been designed specifically for patients who want to access the compliance data recorded by the AutoSet Spirit (each device comes with a Smart Data diary for patient tracking of therapy).
-- Delay timer allows patients to select interval before treatment therapy begins, allowing patients to settle into bed before falling asleep and commencing therapy.
-- SmartStart® automatically starts and stops the AutoSet Spirit.
-- Automatic internal power converter enables trouble-free international travel.
-- High-tech sound baffling makes the AutoSet Spirit an extremely quiet device.
-- Internal pressure sensor accommodates for altitude changes when traveling.


-- The AutoSet AdvantageTM starts with the patented AutoSet algorithm, which lowers mean pressures by responding preemptively to flow limitation and snore and by responding to the severity of apneas that occur without precursors.
-- The AutoSet Spirit is perfect for travel with its small, lightweight, modular design.
-- The AutoSet Spirit fits comfortably on even small night tables: it is compact; the humidifier attaches without greatly increasing the size of the unit; and it requires no additional hoses or power cords when using humidification.


-- HumidAire 2i humidifier
-- AutoScan 4.0 software
-- Embla® and EmblettaTM diagnostic devices