News | June 28, 2017

Apple Rehab Rocky Hill Implements Innovative Pulse Irrigation System For Wound Care

Apple Rehab Rocky Hill, a branch of Apple Rehab Inc., commemorates one year using Closed Pulse Irrigation™ for patient wound care.

Rocky Hill, CT (PRWEB) - Apple Rehab Rocky Hill, which was designed to meet the needs of postoperative patients, is marking one year since first instituting Closed Pulse Irrigation™ (CPI) for wound care, which results in 50% faster healing of complex wounds and a reduction in the total cost to heal. “Since Apple Rehab Rocky Hill started using CPI a year ago, our facility wound rate has gone from 12 percent to 0 percent,” said Laura Anderson, Admissions Coordinator of Apple Rehab Rocky Hill.

CPI is an innovative and safe pulse irrigation system used to treat chronic non-healing wounds, utilizing the protection of a totally contained wound irrigation bag. CPI virtually eliminates the danger of bacterial cross-contamination and spread of drug-resistant infections. It also simplifies care for patients with difficult wounds and removes 85% of bacteria, biofilms and debris with each treatment, while reducing the risk of sepsis.

“We started using CPI due to increased difficulty healing chronic ulcers,” noted Paula White, Senior Rehab Director. “We started with a patient who had a pressure ulcer (wound) on her heel since June 2015. CPI healed a wound that was over two years old within two months and the patient is pain free. Without CPI, her wound may have never healed.”

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