News | March 15, 2022

Algorithmic Intuition Launches CareMate As A Wellness Product

Reno, NV /PRNewswire/ - Algorithmic Intuition (Ai2) a leader in sensor technology, has launched CareMate as a wellness product that continuously monitors and collects activity, fall detection, heart rate, respiratory function, skin temperature, and location. This innovative device is poised to serve the overburdened healthcare community by delivering continuous monitoring, robust analytics, and an AI-powered neural network that provides the data needed to identify trends.

The team at Ai2 has decades of experience delivering advanced sensor solutions, building highly-profitable businesses, and partnering with experts in the field to deliver robust sensor-based solutions to complex problems. The launch of CareMate comes after years of development and testing to improve fall and stumble detection.

During beta testing, CareMate accurately alerted family members when an aging loved one fell down two stair steps. The individual appeared uninjured and did not intend to discuss the incident with the family. But, because the family received the alert, they were able to seek a proper medical evaluation. CareMate also provided an alert to healthcare workers at an assisted care facility when a resident fell from her bed. Because of the alert, the nurses interrupted their rounds to check on the individual. The accelerometer data provided by the CareMate sensor allowed the team to assess the severity of the fall and determine next steps. CareMate's software-driven fall detection is highly accurate at differentiating between falls, stumbles, and false positives.

The launch of CareMate provides an affordable, revenue-generating solution for facilities and home healthcare agencies alike. Overburdened, understaffed providers receive real-time updates on client and resident wellness without the need for additional staff. Capturing vital statistics remotely allows the current staff to spend more time tending to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of those under their care.

After years of pioneering the use of intelligent sensor technology, Algorithmic Intuition (Ai2) is thrilled to put these advancements to work in health monitoring devices through its CareMate product. Our goal is to help senior care organizations and families cope with the difficult realities of caring for aging family members.

Source: Algorithmic Intuition, Inc.

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