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AlayaCare Launches Visit Optimizer--Automation For Vacant Visit Scheduling

Home-based care technology provider unveils latest premiere application powered by advanced algorithms to fill vacant visits, match most suitable care providers to clients, and save time and fuel through efficient route planning

Montreal, QL /PRNewswire/ - AlayaCare, a developer of home and community-based care operations platform, today announced Visit Optimizer—helping home care organizations increase their workforce efficiency and enhance care-giver scheduling for better client care and outcomes. Visit Optimizer is a feature developed by the AlayaLabs team, created to leverage innovative advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI for the AlayaCare Cloud platform. In developing Visit Optimizer, the team was tasked to create an application that automates placing care givers with vacant client visits, remove manual guesswork in scheduling, and reduce mileage, travel time and wait times to improve patient experience, fostering employee satisfaction. AlayaCare Visit Optimizer is available now as part of AlayaCare Cloud platform, helping revolutionize the entire home care industry.

Home-based care organizations today share one common challenge—staffing. One of the greatest pain points in assuring an agency's workforce is optimally deployed is scheduling and matching care givers to clients in the most efficient and optimized manner possible. The AlayaLabs group at AlayaCare took this challenge on by applying advanced algorithms to analyze workforce availability, client preferences, and skillsets to match patient care needs for continuity.

Manual scheduling requires time, effort, guesswork, and analytical thinking when addressing location, mileage, travel time, and proximity from the caregiver to the client. Visit Optimizer removes these time-consuming pain points within a fraction of the time. Home care agencies will also benefit from more fulfilled staff and improved workforce retention by providing Visit Optimizer's automated ability to prescribe the best travel routes, paired with the right care giver to the shift best matching their skill set.

Key features and benefits for AlayaCare Visit Optimizer

  • Identify best care giver matching needs of client
  • Bulk assign offers vacant visits
  • Bulk assign vacant visits to employee(s)
  • Select and configure priority parameters for employee(s) matching clients

Scheduling is the lifeblood for home care businesses, and keeping staff allocated to best match clients' needs can be a complex process. Early Visit Optimizer beta testers noted that visibility, speed, and efficiency helped negotiate staff availability by providing travel times, proximity to clients with mapping visualizations, and ease-of-use to be a game changer. "Filling vacant visits was a very manual process, taking up to two hours a day. With Visit Optimizer, it only takes me 30 minutes or less, so I can quickly provide care givers a shift offer they are more likely to accept, making negotiations and scheduling much easier," said a care coordinator during product testing.

"Our mission at AlayaLabs is to bridge the best of AI and machine learning innovation with the practical needs of our customers," said Naomi Goldapple, Senior Vice President of Data & Intelligence, AlayaCare. "AlayaLabs learned that manually scheduling vacant visits with limited staffing was a major pain point for our clients. Our team got to work creating the best solution to address care giver availability, skillsets, and service area locations that would preserve client care continuity—so our loved ones can keep getting the most consistent care at home for better outcomes," added Goldapple.

What most differentiates AlayaCare Visit Optimizer from other scheduling tools on the market is its tested outperformance in baseline workflow scheduling and ability to rapidly search, geo-locate, route, and assign matches in bulk and in real-time. Improved data quality in Visit Optimizer also translates into more accurately maintained data in schedules and client/employee profiles over baseline data options.

Visit Optimizer is available now as a premium integrated feature in AlayaCare Cloud. To see a demo, and learn about how the AlayaCare Cloud platform helps transform home-based care agencies for growth, visit:

About AlayaCare
AlayaCare offers an end-to-end software platform for governments, home-based care organizations, and community care providers to manage the entire client lifecycle, including needs assessments, care plans, scheduling and visit verification. Combining traditional in-home and virtual care solutions, AlayaCare enables care providers globally to lower the cost of care and achieve better outcomes. For more information, visit:

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