Katie Wike

Katie Wike


Katie Wike is a contributing writer for Health IT Outcomes who focuses on all aspects of mHealth, including mobile computing, telehealth, mobile carts and workstations, remote monitoring, and mobile health apps. Katie graduated from Gannon University in Erie, PA and previously worked in the renewable energy industry.


Ease Patient Sharing Information Patient Engagement Market To Boom

In the next nine years the market for patient engagement is expected to increase by 500 percent. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Connected Health Market Poised To Explode

    A recent report from ACT | The App Association predicts growth in the connected health market will cause it to grow to more than $117 billion by 2020. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Patients More Likely To Choose Email When An Office Visit Will Cost Them

    Patients who are responsible for out-of-pocket medical costs are more likely to choose to email their physician rather than spend money on an office visit. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Can Your Patients Access Their Health Data?

    Despite increased measures to allow patients to view their health data from the comfort of their own homes, a Health Mine survey found more than half lack the electronic means for access. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • 80% Of Patients Open To Telemedicine

    According to a PricewaterhouseCooper’s Health Research Institute report, 80 percent of patients are open to telemedicine in primary care. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Most Family Docs Don’t Use Telehealth

    In a recent survey, only 15 percent of family doctors reported using telehealth services. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Telehealth Worth $2.8B By 2022

    The current telehealth market is worth roughly $572 million, but a Grand View Research report predicts that number could reach $2.8 billion by 2022. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Patients See More Data Sharing Than Docs

    According to an ONC brief, more than half of physicians share information with their patients while data sharing between providers has only increased slightly. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Patients Prefer Telehealth Follow-Ups

    In a study of veterans post-surgery, most preferred telehealth visits to in person follow up appointments. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • Engagement Through Telehealth Improves Patient Outcomes

    Patients enrolled in a telehealth engagement program have been shown to have shorter hospital stays and be significantly less likely to return to the hospital for readmission. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  • AARP: Older Americans Open To mHealth

    An AARP report demonstrates most older adults in America are open to using mobile devices but are hindered by physical barriers and complicated apps. By Katie Wike, contributing writer